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Why Your Hair Care Should Change with the Seasons

There is a reason we don’t wear heavy winter coats during the summer or go sledding in the spring: each season brings different types of weather, wardrobes, and activities.

Just as you switch up other aspects of your routine during distinct seasons, your hair care should also change, as the weather affects your hair differently.

Here is how to care for your hair during the year’s changing seasons!

Fall hair care

Fall weather equates to cooler, more comfortable temperatures and rainy, blustery days where the wind takes your hair on a joy ride. As we grab our light jackets and pull on some warmer socks during the autumn season, our hair begins to dry out as we absorb less water.

Use the fall to focus on re-hydration and scalp exfoliation to refresh and replenish your tresses. Load up on products that lock in your style against the colder, wet elements, like extra-hold hairsprays.

Winter hair care

When the wonderful winter season rolls in, our excitement grows for the upcoming string of spirited holidays, mugs of sickly-sweet beverages, and visions of crystal snowflakes falling lazily to the ground.

For your hair, however, winter means dry air and frosty temperatures, leading to hair damage and thirsty, brittle locks.

Aim to add more moisturizer to your shampoo routine this season and prevent static by showering in cooler water. Bust out the old humidifier to keep moist air circulating indoors.

Spring hair care

New life and vibrant change: the spring season crafts a fresh world ready to start again.

This is the perfect season for trying different cuts and choosing natural looks over too-stylized do’s. Grow your hair out or rock a new style this season.

Your hair may get a bit greasier in the spring as your body detoxes from the winter season and undergoes a cleansing process. Try adding some clay into your hair care regimen to remove toxins and keep hair clean.

Summer hair care

Brilliant sunshine and extreme heat mean your hair needs a little extra protection during this radical season.

Incorporate hair products that minimize heat’s drying effects and provide protective layers from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Consider anti-humidity sprays, incorporate some moisture, and avoid too much heat styling.

Remember to also use products that keep color-treated hair from fading in the summer sun.

Looking for some extra care and maintenance for your locks this season? Exude emotion, confidence, and art with custom hair systems by Hair Replacement by Janet and start the season off with an assertive bang! Give us a call at 650-592-3691 today to schedule an appointment.

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