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What You Should Never Say to a Woman Experiencing Hair Loss

Hair loss is a sensitive topic of discussion, for both men and women. But for women who may typically deal with hair loss as commonly as men do, the topic can be particularly difficult to discuss. In hopes of raising everyone’s awareness of this issue, and inspiring some sensitivity among women who are watching their friends suffer from this condition, here are a few things Cosmo says you should never say to a woman who may be experiencing hair loss.

“It’ll grow back.”25101726 - young lady showing the proof of her disease.

While it may seem like a harmless platitude for you to say that someone’s hair will grow back when the topic arises, you don’t actually know that for sure. It’s much more polite to say nothing than to say that. There’s a chance that the hair loss may not be temporary, and drawing attention to that could be more harmful than helpful.

“Maybe you should switch hair product.”

Chances are that a woman who is experiencing significant hair loss has tried everything and had every test possible to help her figure out what’s causing her condition. If it were as simple as swapping shampoo brands, don’t you think she would have done that already? While you may mean well, your comment could be seen as condescending, so you’re better off saying nothing at all.

“Wigs are so great, you can have any hair color you want.”

Again, while it might be true that changing hair colors and styles is easier for someone who wears wigs regularly than someone who has natural hair, your intended compliment could remind a person that it’s not their natural hair. Choose, instead, to compliment the wearer’s new style with a hair replacement to make them feel more confident and attractive with their new look.

Fortunately, at Hair by Janet we can help make this easier for women in need of hair replacement options. We offer a full line of hair replacement products that help to make you feel and look good. With private consultations, we keep your concerns discreet and work with you to determine the most comfortable and effective solution for you.

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