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What is Your Hair Trying to Tell You?

It may sound crazy, but it’s important to listen to what your hair is trying to tell you. Your hair health can reflect issues in your diet, grooming routine, protein levels, and more! Here are some of the most common signs you’ll receive from your hair:

An increased amount of split ends or cracking curls

These are two very big signs that your hair is dry and dehydrated. Dryness can be caused by hormonal changes as well from birth control, menopause or a thyroid condition. If you live in a location with a warm climate, be sure to moisturize regularly. Also, try to using a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair will help with the split ends.

A change in texture

If you’ve noticed that your hair has changed in texture even though you haven’t changed your grooming routine, it could just mean that you’re getting older. This is inevitable and of course happens to everyone, so don’t sweat this change too much, especially since our hair changes every 7-10 years in general!

Thinning of your hair

If you notice that your hair is thinning, it could mean you’re lacking in vitamins. You can easily change up your morning routine by adding a multivitamin or including more iron and protein in your diet to treat this thinning, however be aware that it will take a while to see progress. Potentially may be looking at bigger flaw in your immune s

Hair loss

There are several things that hair loss could be trying to tell you. It could be caused by too much styling, thyroid problems, or side effects of a medication. Unfortunately for many, genetics are the main cause of hair loss. If you are experiencing hair loss issues, Hair Replacement by Janet can help. We offer the finest custom made hair systems you’ll find in the San Francisco Bay Area. Call us at 650-592-3691 to schedule a consultation!

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