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What is your hair loss trying to tell you?

What is Your Hair Loss Telling You

Sometimes hair loss is a first sign that something is medically imbalanced. It’s a warning that there are pieces of your health that are a little wonky. If you have been experiencing hair loss, look at the bright side and take it as a sign to get things checked out with your doctor. For men and some women, hair loss can be a normal part of aging. But getting your symptoms checked can help to save your life. Here are some of the big picture causes of hair loss:

Too Much Styling

For many women who consistently color, re-color, style, heat, and wash their hair, hair loss can be a common issue. Too much heat and bad products can exacerbate your hair loss problems. Especially for those who have naturally thin hair, refrain from coloring, straightening, highlighting, perming, relaxing, and doing overall damaging things to your hair. Give your hair a few days a week where you don’t expose it to heat, shampoo, or other products. These are great days to experiment with braids or ponies.

You will find clues that you have done too much styling when you see broken or split ends.

Thyroid Problems

Whether your thyroid is over active or under active, it could cause a hormonal imbalance in your body that can cause your hair to thin. Definitely see a doctor if you also notice that your energy levels are below normal. Thyroid problems might be the issue if your hair falls out from the root more than usual or in large amounts.


Some medications are also known to have side effects that may result in hair loss. If you have recently started a new medication or treatment and are noticing a significant hair loss, consult your doctor or pharmacist to see if it is a normal side effect experienced by other users of the drug.

Just Genetics

Unfortunately for many, genetics are the cause of their hair loss issues. In the event that your ancestors have blessed you with a less than desirable head of hair, your best solution is to invest in a hair replacement solution.

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