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Virtual Reality Hair Systems for Men

Virtual Reality Hair Systems for Men 						For the first time men have a fashionable and believable solution for a profoundly disturbing problem: losing ones hair, which is the one thing that frames your face and suggests youthfulness, health, and vitality.

You’ll have a full head of natural hair and the style you want in your first session. Virtual Reality straight from Hollywood endorsed by International Media! We are the only studios that offers service at over 70 certified Virtual Reality Concept studios at no extra charge. 100% Risk Free. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Virtual Reality, unlike a hairpiece, becomes part of you — not something you wear. The technique involves applying an invisible, non surgical derma lens like a contact lens into which human hair is inserted, compatible in color, density, curl pattern, texture, etc. Resulting in the Virtual Reality cosmetic miracle hair restoration that revives your youthful appearance and looks totally natural.

There is essentially no home maintenance other than washing, conditioning and normal styling.Virtual Reality Hair Replacement System in San Carlos, CA