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Top 5 Hair Care Products for Hair Replacement Solutions

wig mannequinHair replacement solutions can create a natural looking, full head of hair for both men and women. Made of either human hair or synthetic hair, these systems must be cared for to maintain their appearance. Here are some must-have products to have on hand while washing, drying and styling your hair replacement option.

Shampoo and Conditioner

The frequency you will have to wash your wig depends on the type you own. Regardless of the type of wig you own, all wigs require special shampoo and conditioner to keep them looking like new. Sulfate-free products are especially important; talk to your stylist to learn the specific requirements of your wig.

Wig Mannequin

To help your wig maintain its shape and stay tangle-free, a wig mannequin is a must. Place your wig on this stand each night after taking it off and be sure to allow it to dry on the stand as well. Styrofoam wig mannequins start around $5 and options are available to suit all price ranges.


There are special brushes made for both real-hair and synthetic wigs, and brushes used on real hair should be avoided. These versions can cause tearing, as well as tangle the hair.


Styling picks and wide-toothed combs are two gentle options for de-tangling your wig. They are also great for styling the hair, and we recommend carrying one in your purse for styling on the go!

Liquid Wig Mousse

Especially for wavy or curly hair wigs, liquid wig mousse can create volume and curls. Use this product after washing for best results.

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