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Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair health is directly related to the health of one’s body. Be mindful of the food you are eating and the stress you put on yourself. The first step is to take care of any medical issues that could be causing your hair loss. Next, focus on maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and regular sleep pattern. Supplements can also be taken to increase your hair potential. Follow these tips to help prevent hair loss.

Avoid Damage

Heat is the main cause of damage to hair. Constantly blow drying and styling your hair with a curling iron or flat iron leads to brittle, dry hair. Heat damage can also increase the amount of hair loss that occurs. Take a break from the heat and opt for a natural look or a simple up-do.

Healthy Eating

Stick to a healthy, balanced diet. Make sure to consume enough iron, protein, and biotin, a B vitamin. Iron is a necessary nutrient in fighting anemia, which disrupts the supply of nutrients to your hair follicles. Green vegetables and fish are both good sources of iron.

Protein can also aid in keeping hair loss at bay. Protein provides amino acids to strengthen your hair and keeps it from becoming weak and brittle. Fish, dairy and peanut butter are some foods high in protein.

Biotin deficiency directly leads to hair loss, as well as a lack of energy. You can take biotin capsules to strengthen your hair and nails, or eat more whole grains, walnuts and egg whites. These great sources of biotin will help to boost hair strength and keep hair intact.

Know your Options

Hair loss prevention measures not working? Hair loss doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel like your old self. Contact Hair Replacement by Janet to learn more about the many hair replacement methods out there and which one will work best for you.

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