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Things to Avoid if You Have Hair Loss

Hair loss is a challenge that many women face, and many women resort to extreme measures in an attempt to manage that hair loss.

While there are plenty of hair replacement options on the market, there are certain things that you can avoid doing in order to avoid further hair loss.

Hair Replacement By Janet has some tips on what you shouldn’t do if you are someone experiencing hair loss.

Avoid Spray-On Hair

Temporary spray-on hair replacement options might seem like a good way to quickly and easily hide hair loss. However, using this product often calls more attention to your hair loss instead of hiding it. For many people, spray-on options are full of harmful chemicals that you should avoid putting onto your skin.

Avoid Wraps and Hats

If you have hair loss, you should avoid wrapping your remaining hair in towels or hiding your hair into a hat. Repeated motions such as these can result in breakage which may eventually lead to further hair loss. Instead, take good care of your hair and your scalp by being gentle with it.

Avoid Over Conditioning

Over-conditioning your hair can result in it feeling heavy: heavy hair is often weighed down and flattened to the scalp. When you’re dealing with hair loss, it doesn’t hurt to have a little volume. Avoid using too much conditioner to keep hair from being weight down; limit use to once or twice a week.

Avoid Harsh Dye Jobs

If you’re coloring your hair while dealing with minoThings to Avoid if You Have Hair Lossr hair loss, stick to your natural shade as much as possible. Going too dark or too light can make the hair loss more noticeable. Instead, commit to colors that are similar to your own.

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