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Real Hair vs. Synthetic – Choosing the Right Wig for You

When it comes to choosing your wig, the first choice is whether you will purchase a real hair wig or a synthetic one. Both wig styles have their advantages and disadvantages, and picking the right wig will greatly depend on your lifestyle. Check out our guide below to learn more about both options and which is best for you!

 Advantages of Real Hair Wigs

Real hair wigs provide a natural look and feel and are very durable. Styling a real hair wig is just like styling your own hair, making them a great choice for women interested in changing up their hair style frequently.

Disadvantages of Real Hair Wigs

Real hair wigs are heavier than synthetic hair wigs, which can make them rather hot in the summer months. Also, these wigs fade as they are exposed to bright light, something you must watch for while wearing and storing.

A real hair wig will react to rain, heat, humidity and other hair conditions the same way your natural hair would; with frizz. Care should also be taken to avoid damage while brushing and styling with heated styling tools.

Advantages of Synthetic Wigs

Thanks to recent advances in technology, many synthetic wigs look extremely similar to natural hair. They also keep their style, regardless of weather and washing. Sythetic wigs are able to retain their original color regardless of exposure to light. Lighter in weight than real hair wigs, they are typically recommended for summer months.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Wigs

While synthetic hair wigs make for easy styling, not all of them can handle styling with heat tools like a blow dryer or curling iron. This decreases their versatility, since the style you purchase your wig in is the way it must remain.

For a quick, go-to style, or for those hot summer months, a synthetic wig is a great choice. For a more durable and versatile option, a real hair wig is the best choice.

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