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Proper Storage for your Hair Replacement Piece

Whether you have options for different seasons and moods or are unsure how to store your hair replacement piece on days you don’t wear it, there is advice to follow depending on how long it will be off your head. Follow our instructions for everyday storage and to learn what to do with your summer wig now that fall is here!

Everyday Storage

Let’s begin with everyday, short-term storage. Most wig wearers are familiar with the styrofoam wig head. This is a simple, economical and effective way to store a wig. Wig heads help your hair replacement pieces to maintain their shape. If you are putting your wig away for a few days to a couple of weeks, storing it in its original package is also a good way to keep it looking fresh.

Long-Term Storage

To store multiple wigs properly for longer than a couple of weeks, place them in plastic to keep them dry and free from dust. There are also shapers you can purchase, made of craft tissue paper, that will retain the shape of your wigs. If you only have wig heads and the original packaging, these are ok to use as long as wigs are stored in a dry place and the styrofoam heads are kept clean.

A scarf can also keep your wig dry and dust-free when wrapped completely around the wig. You can do this with all of your wigs. For a more secure and economical way of storing your wigs; a plastic storage container from your nearest superstore, lined with tissue paper you find in the gift or crafting section, works extremely well.

Simply line the plastic storage container with the craft tissue papers and then use some of the remaining tissue paper to create shapers for your wigs. Crumple the tissue paper and stuff those papers inside each wig. Fold each in half so that the temples are touching and place them neatly in the plastic storage bin. Place another layer of craft tissue paper on top and close the lid.

If you do nothing else, remember these simple but very effective tips for wig care and storage:

  • Don’t just toss your wig around on the dresser tops or closet. Have a specific place in which you keep your wigs safe.
  • Keep your wigs out of direct sunlight, for example, a window sill.
  • Store wigs high enough or in a specific room where pets cannot get into them.

For more advice on caring for your hair replacement option or to find the right wig for your lifestyle, contact Hair by Janet by calling 650-592-3691.

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