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It’s In the Genes: Hundreds of Genes Affect Hair Loss

Did you know that male pattern baldness or hair loss is largely dictated by our genes? It doesn’t have anything to do with stress, frequency of hat-wearing or sun damage, contrary to popular myths.

In a new report, NBC News says that recent studies have identified more than 280 genes that are indeed involved in the process of hair loss. The article notes that since the genes are identifiable, as well, it might be possible to someday use genetic mapping to predict the likelihood of eventual hair loss.

Male Hair LossHair loss is not simply the result of one or two genes, either – it’s much more complicated. But one old wives’ tale does ring true, sort of. Have you ever heard the saying that you inherit your hair from your mother’s father? According to the study, which was performed by BioBank in a huge British genetic experiment, 40 of the genes found to be linked to baldness were located on the X chromosome, which means they were inherited from the mother.

One of the goals of the study is to better understand male pattern baldness. While it’s true that most men experience thinning or hair loss to a certain degree, it’s difficult to predict the degree to which certain men will experience hair loss. With the help of studies like this, scientists are hoping to learn how to predict and, ultimately, how to prevent male pattern baldness.

In the meantime, while we wait for science to catch up, if you’re experiencing thinning of your hair, there are some things you can do. Hair by Janet offers the Virtual Reality hair system for men, which can help give you a rejuvenated and natural look without the hassle or worry of wearing a hairpiece. To learn more about this treatment or to schedule a discreet appointment with a hair loss professional, request a private consultation online now or call us at 650-592-3691 today.

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