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Is the Lace-Front Wig for You?

woman at hair salonWhen it comes to hair replacement solutions, there are many styles to consider. The lace-front wig is a popular choice that is being demonstrated by beauty gurus and stylists across the web. But what exactly is a lace-front wig and how is it different from other options available?

This hair replacement technique involves a sheer lace front panel that attaches beyond the hairline of the wig. Unlike the full-lace wig, which is designed to envelope the wearer’s head, the lace-front runs from ear to ear, only covering the front of the head. Due to the design of this type of wig, it is almost impossible to see where the lace begins and ends, creating the illusion of a natural hairline.

A hair replacement option made to blend in with the wearer’s skin, many lace-front wigs are designed with “baby hair” around the forehead and temples to create an even more natural aesthetic.

The lace front-wig can be made with synthetic or human hair that is tied to a lace base. A solution that can be styled and trimmed to suit the wearer, some versions can be temporarily glued to the scalp for extra security.

To learn more about lace-front wigs and find the right hair replacement option for you, visit Hair Replacement by Janet. Our San Carlos, California shop specialized in custom hair systems and we are happy to help you find a style that makes you look and feel your best! Contact us online or by calling 650-592-3691 to set up an appointment today.


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