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Introducing the Follea Experience!


Follea Hair | Hair By Janet

Women look to hair replacement techniques for all sorts of reasons. Whether your hair loss stems from genetics, an illness or perhaps you just love the look of long, luscious hair, growing technology has allowed for a vast variety of options for hair replacement. If you are considering a solution for your hair loss, look no further than Follea, which is the highest quality hair piece available, leaving you looking better than ever.


The Follea added hair-application is made of genuine, European hair and is considered a leader in the ranks of other hair replacements for women. Respected worldwide, the Follea technique uses hair cut from a ponytail, assuring all cuticles are facing the same direction. This makes the hair piece as close to your real hair as possible.


The durability and natural hair system allows for various degrees of volume, lengths and colors suitable to your preferences. Follea hair replacements are not chemically processed, which provides you a true-to-life replication of your natural hair. All walks of life will feel confident wearing these high quality, unique hair replacements.


Follea offers a Gripper Cap that will rid women of their self-consciousness. Women can strut through the streets without the fear of noticeable glue or easy dislocation. While most added hair pieces are mass produced, allowing for low quality, unmatched locks; Follea is created in small batches, hand-picked to perfection.


For more information on these beautiful, next generation style of hair replacements, visit our website or contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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