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Introducing Private Issue by Cyberhair

Women look to find hair replacement systems for a variety of reasons. Whether your hair loss is genetic or due to an illness, there are many options out there to choose from!

One great option is Private Issue by Cyberhair. Hair Replacement by Janet is the exclusive local dealer of Private Issue. This wig system for women provides customizable options and includes a lightweight cap that conforms to the head of the wearer for a perfect fit. There are many colors and styles available, all of which provide a natural look to match your skin tone and original hair texture. Wigs are also hand tied to create the most natural look possible. With a product like Private Issue, you will be able to feel confident and excited about your new look.

Cyberhair is a hair replacement technology that recreates the look and feel of human hair. With moisture retention, cuticle formation and style memory, Cyberhair makes daily styling a breeze while creating a beautiful, natural look. Whether it is swimming, running, or any other physical activity that you enjoy; Private Issue by Cyberhair can keep up with you while maintaining a natural look and feel, regardless of the elements.

Interested in learning more about Private Issue and other hair replacement options? Contact Hair Replacement by Janet to find the best option for you!

To learn more about Private Issue by Cyberhair, check out the following video:

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