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How to Properly Fit your Wig

Getting the perfect fit for your wig can be difficult, especially when you first begin wearing it. Follea and Peggy Knight have provided a quick video tutorial on how to fit your Follea Gripper wig. Follow these helpful tips, then watch out the tutorial below.


Before placing your wig on your head, prepare the metal pieces located at your temples and the back of the head. Properly forming these pieces is the key to a natural looking, snug fit. First, bend the temple pieces in, rounding them like the letter “C”. Because the temple area is smaller than the rest of your head, this must be done to create a tight yet comfortable fit.

Next, do the same for the two metal pieces located at the nape of the neck. Cup them under in the same fashion as you did with the temple pieces so the wig holds tightly in place.

Put On Your Wig

Next, put your wig on like you would a ski cap. Hold the front area, usually with bangs, closest to your body, then bend over and flip it up onto your head.

Once your wig is on, grab the two metal temple pieces and pull them down, shifting them slightly until they are in the proper place. Make sure to tug them down enough so that the form snugly to the sides of your head.

Do the same with the two pieces located at the nape of your neck for a close, comfortable and natural fit.

Not sure if your wig is on right? Perform the forehead test. For a natural look, your forehead should be about four fingers wide. Start with your pinkly finger at your brow bone. While your fingers lie flat together, your pointer finger should just reach the start of your wig (not including the bangs).

Interested in learning more about the Follea wig system? Contact Hair Replacement by Janet today, and check out Peggy Knight’s tutorial to see how these tricks are done:


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