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How to Communicate With Your Hair Stylist

Your hair says a lot about you. Though it is your job to style and take care of your
hair on a daily basis, without a hair stylist, the glamorous hairstyles you seek wouldn’t be possible. But what happens when you have a miscommunication with your stylist?

We’ve all been there done that when it comes to having bad haircuts. The worst part is that bad haircuts are 100% preventable if you have a great hairstylist and are able to communicate your vision well. Great communication will make or break your hair.

Know what you want before your appointment

Have an ideal style, color, or amount that you want cut off before you go to your appointment so that you can avoid hesitation and uncertainty when it’s time to chop. Research on Pinterest to gather some photos of your ideal looks.

Bringing a picture as an example is also smart idea so that your hairdresser can physically see what you want done.

Ask for their opinion

Your hairdresser is the professional in this relationship; they are trained to know how hair will accentuate your face shape, how certain colors will look with your skin tone, and how lengths will help to add shape to your face.

They might suggest something that would fit you better than you thought!

Treat them as you would like to be treated

After all, the life of your hair is in their hands. Be kind and be polite; they will respond to you better and will be more receptive if they are dealing with a pleasant customer.

Explain your ideal end result

With an end goal in mind, your hairdresser should be working up to that point. If you accurately describe what you are looking for, you are hopefully destined to receive exactly what you were looking for.

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