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Hair Loss Increases in Autumn and Winter?

Although everyone experiences natural hair loss, some notice more extreme loss than others – especially during the change to a colder season. We discussed previously that summer can be a reason for some people to see a hair loss increase, but for others, the onset of autumn can bring more shedding than the spring or summer. This change is completely natural, but many are unaware that it occurs.

Believe it or not, increased hair loss during the fall is an evolutionary process. During the warmer months, the sun can trigger hair growth hormones in some people that tells the scalp to produce more hair to protect you from the sun’s rays, but as the cooler weather approaches your body no longer holds onto this hair.

According to Daily Mail, in a study published in the journal Dermatology, scientists followed more than 800 healthy women for more than six years and discovered that women lost the most hair in the autumn months. A single hair can take two to six years to grow and while 90 percent of our hair is growing all the time, the rest remains in a resting state for up to three months. During this study, scientists found that women had the highest proportion of resting hair in July – when summer is at its peak – but from October onwards, more hair was likely to fall out as the growth process started over again.

As your hair transforms during the autumn and early winter months, you can take several steps to reduce additional hair loss. One of the leading causes of hair loss is stress. Coincidentally, the fall and winter containing many holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and more – that could lead to both men and women losing more hair than they expected. Look for ways to relive your stress like aromatherapy or breathing exercises. You can also help protect your hair and encourage growth by giving yourself weekly scalp massages, which stimulate blood circulation and deep condition to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

Even when following these tips, you may feel uncomfortable with how your hair loss makes you look or you may be suffering from a more severe or substantial hair loss. Hair Replacement by Janet is a full-service hair replacement studio that offers a variety of custom hair systems to help you feel confident and beautiful. To learn more about how Hair Replacement by Janet can help you with your hair loss with a private appointment, call us at 650-592-3691 today.

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