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Hair by Diet: Minerals to Encourage Healthy Hair Growth

Now that we’ve covered the vitamins you should be adding to your diet to promote healthy hair growth, let’s take a look at the important minerals to keep in your diet to help your hair stay full and healthy.


According to Bustle, iron makes the cells that produce your hair work hard by encouraging the transfer of oxygen from your bloodstream to your cells. It’s common to be a little iron-deficient – especially among women – and one of the more noticeable side effects of iron deficiency is hair thinning or loss. Make sure you’re getting enough iron in your diet in the form of leafy greens, poultry, eggs or and an occasional splurge on red meat. If you’re a vegetarian or have other dietary restrictions, you can also speak with your doctor about taking iron supplements.


Niacin promotes circulation in your body, which means it can help keep your scalp cells healthy and producing hair at a normal rate. By helping to ensure the flow of blood, niacin ensures the scalp receives nutrients and oxygen to stimulate follicles and encourage hair growth. Add niacin to your diet with fish, poultry and peanuts.


Zinc helps to repair damaged hair cells, and it also keeps your oil glands in your follicles working efficiently. Low zinc levels have been tied to alopecia, reports Global Healing Center, although it may be more an inability of the body to use and metabolize zinc than an intake deficiency in some instances. You’ll find zinc in foods like oysters, garlic, spinach and fortified cereals or granola.


Iodine helps keep the thyroid functioning properly. Global Healing Center notes that data shows thyroid disorders are common in patients with alopecia. An insufficient level of thyroid hormones in the body can cause your hair follicles will go into a resting state, causing hair production to fall off. Boost your iodine intake with vegetables like kelp, seaweed and other sea vegetables, or take a supplement with the approval of your doctor.

Diet alone isn’t always the solution, but being mindful of your body’s needs and keeping up on your vitamin and mineral intake can help. At Hair by Janet, we understand hair loss and how it can impact a person’s life. We offer a range of short- and long-term solutions to help you keep your confidence and live your life to the fullest. Learn more about our hair solutions by scheduling a private consultation . Request an appointment online or call Hair by Janet at 650-592-3691 today.

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