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Grey Hair Gene Discovered?

10139658_SThe Silver Fox may become extinct thanks to some new research that claims to have located the specific gene that creates grey hair.In a new paper published in Nature Communications, an international team of researchers claim to have found the first gene linked to greying hair. The discovery came while researching other follicle-related conditions such as balding, monobrow and beard growth.The researchers sequenced genomes from more than 6,000 people in Latin America and then compared their genes against their hair features, according to an article in Time. For grey hair, only one gene stood out – the same gene that is connected to blonde hair in Europeans.

The gene accounts for about 30 percent of hair greying, while the rest comes from environmental factors such as age, stress and the area where a person lives. While the scientists were able to locate the gene, they were unable to determine the genetic pathway to help people avoid getting grey hair.

“We might have drugs that boost or stop the protein from acting and change the amount of melanin in hair follicles and change the hair internally,” Kaustubh Adhikari, a post-doctoral researcher at University College London, who took part in the study, told Time.

While any long-term fixes to grey hair are certainly a long way away, the discovery of the gene is a step in the right direction to curing grey hair. This is certainly encouraging news for those who suffer from grey hair, and if scientists have been able to isolate this genetic mark, there is promising hope that science could also hold the key to minimizing or even reversing balding and hair recession in the future.

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