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Go Natural to Prevent Hair Loss

Those with natural kinks and curls long to be straight-haired divas and those with natural silky straight hair long for body and texture. The use of chemicals on your hair can cause a lot of damage, as well as unwanted hair loss. So what’s a girl to do?

One of the best solutions may be to stick with what nature gave you. It may be difficult to detach yourself at first from the processes and the chemicals, but for many women, going natural is the best way to save their hair.

One of the greatest joys of embracing your natural hair is the freedom that accompanies the decision. No more perming for the curly look or chemical relaxing for the straight look. To go natural frees your hair from being what it is not and celebrates what it is.

To go from hair that has been colored, chemically straightened, or permed is not an automatic overnight process. It requires a certain level of commitment and patience.

The choice to go natural often stems from the experience of damaged and over processed hair. When we use our hair as an accessory to our personal style, we disconnect from the reality that it is alive. Our roots are alive and require nourishment and care to continue to thrive. It almost hits us as a surprise when we look in the mirror and begin to notice split ends, discoloration and thinning hair.

Going natural does not mean that you can never go back to your creative styles; it simply means allowing the hair and scalp the break it needs to recover its health and vitality. Once many women begin to see just how beautiful their natural hair is, they embrace it and it becomes a part of a new lifestyle for them.

Since it may not be as simple as you think to go natural, consulting a hair care expert and stylist is a good idea. A stylist with the right knowledge and education will be able to move you gently through the process, as quitting chemicals without professional help can sometimes cause more damage to your hair and scalp.

Consult your hair care professional and let them know that you would like to try going natural to regain the health that your hair used to have. They will be able to treat and condition your hair to give it the strength it will need to go through the process that will lead to a natural, healthy, and glowing head of hair.

For individuals suffering from hair loss, a hair replacement piece is a great way to create a beautiful look while allowing your own hair to grow back in and become healthy. Schedule an appointment with Hair by Janet to find the right hair replacement solution for you and your lifestyle. Contact us online or by phone at 650-592-3691 to set up an appointment with our San Carlos, California salon today!

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