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Five Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

Losing around 50 to 100 strands of hair per day is generally considered normal, but if you seem to be losing more than that, it could be an indication of thinning hair or hair loss. If your hair is on the thinner side, check out these tips from The Huffington Post to try to restore your precious locks.

Start with Your Diet

The way we eat affects much about our lives, from the amount of energy we have to the medical conditions we develop. Our diet also affects something very important to us: the amount of hair on our heads. To revitalize thinning strands, include plenty of leafy greens, nuts, beans, fish and lean meats in your diet. Foods rich with vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc and vitamin B12 can help in preventing hair loss and grow stronger, more resilient hair. A dietary supplement can also help cover what your daily diet lacks.

Hot Hair ToolsAvoid Using Too Much Heat on Your Hair

Heat causes bonds within the hair strands to fracture, which results in brittle hair that easily breaks and falls out. Using hair tools with high heat on a regular basis is hard on your hair. Letting your hair dry naturally as often as possible is a great way to avoid heat damage. If you do choose to use curling irons and hair straighteners, do not leave them on one area of hair for too long, and use a heat-protecting spray to minimize the potential damage.

Choose Hair Products Wisely

Many companies are creating products specifically aimed at restoring hair growth, including hair loss shampoos that contain numerous oils and minerals that could aid in hair growth. Some of these specialized formulas can destroy bacteria that causes hair breakage and loss and help to increase blood circulation to the scalp. Using these products can aid in ensuring your keep your hair healthier and strong.

Improve Circulation with a Scalp Massage

Incorporate a scalp massage into your shower routine to improve circulation to the scalp, stimulating hair growth. After applying shampoo or conditioner, move your fingertips in a slow, circular motion around your head to promote hair regrowth – and perhaps reduce a bit of your stress! Add a few drops of essential oils to your head after your massage to enhance your massage’s effectiveness and to take advantage of the regenerative, soothing properties of the oils.

Practice Caution with Chemical Processing

Chemically straightening, bleaching and lightening your hair can cause damage to the hair shaft, which weakens hair and causes hair loss. Sticking to your natural hairstyle and color if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning is your best bet so that the problem doesn’t worsen. If you choose to use chemical processing treatments, treat your hair to a deep-conditioning treatment at least once per week to counteract the chemicals.

Even with following all of the best practices for keeping good-looking and healthy hair, some simply still have problems with thinning and overall loss. The team at Hair by Janet understands, and we offer a range of solutions to help you keep the appearance of a natural head of hair so you can look your best.  To learn more or to schedule a confidential and discreet appointment, call us today at 650-592-3691.

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