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Five Myths About Hair Loss that Men Shouldn’t Believe

Throughout the years, a lot of misinformation has been shared regarding hair loss and solutions. Since hair loss affects many men at some point in their lives, we wanted to share some of these myths and why they’re nothing to worry about!

1. The sun will increase your hair loss

Being outdoors in the sun isn’t the cause of an emerging bald spot. However, the sun does offer damaging effects to your hair. Your follicles aren’t the ones being affected. Instead, it’s your hair shaft. Sun exposure has the potential to make it more brittle and sensitive, which could then lead to more shedding than usual, but not full-on hair loss.

2. Pulling out a grey hair will cause more to grow

This is an old theory that has no evidence in being true. If you continuously pull out the same hair, the follicle it grows from will eventually stop producing hair due to the traction alopecia. This means that the repetitive plucking from the same follicle could cause so much damage that it will stop producing hair altogether.

3. Blame it on your mother’s side

You’ve heard the saying that if your mother’s father is bald, then that has already sealed your fate. This is a myth! The genes from both your mother and father will determine your future hair. Just like everything else, you are bound to have a mix of their hair genes. However, if your ancestry has seen a pattern in hair loss, you have a greater potential to continue the pattern.

4. Wearing a hat causes baldness

It’s said that wearing your favorite baseball cap could make your hair disappear, but that’s a lie. Your cap isn’t suffocating your follicles; it’s actually not doing any harm at all except giving you major hat hair. The only reason that a hat could cause hair loss is if you’re really aggressive with how tightly it’s strapped on to your noggin. Just like with pulling those grey hairs, a tight cap that hugs the scalp and pulls a generous amount of hair out every time you take it off, could cause traction alopecia.

5. Your hair replacement never looks natural – not!

Some people still believe in the outdated reputation that hair replacement or restoration has. Hair replacement has actually had major successes in changing lives and giving men back a confidence that they’ve long forgotten.

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