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Emotional Stress and Hair Loss – A Vicious Cycle

When you think of hair loss, do you imagine a man or a woman? Though usually thought to be a male disease, about 40 percent of women actually have visible hair loss by the time they are 40, according to WebMD.

Stress and Hair LossRegardless of gender, hair loss can be devastating for self-image and emotional well-being. Appearances are incredibly important among many women, who tend to put more of a significant psychological investment into the way they look compared to men. Because of this, women respond adversely to appearance-altering conditions such as hair loss.

Women desire full, luxurious tresses they can color and style as they wish, but sometimes hair loss gets in the way. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), women regard hair as their “crowning glory,” and when they think their hair loss detracts from this, they can experience a loss of self-esteem. Women will thus try to hide their hair loss, develop a hairstyle to disguise their hair loss, or divert attention from their hair loss by spending more time on other aspects of their physical appearance.

Many doctors fail to accept hair loss as a medical problem, and ignore the distress suffered by a significant proportion of those affected, according to eMed Expert. WebMD also points out that the medical community pays little attention to women’s hair loss because it does not appear to be life threatening. However, hair loss causes psychological damage, which directly affects physical health, taking an emotional toll on those who feel unattractive due to hair loss. This causes more stress, leading to more hair loss in a vicious, unending cycle.

Female hair loss results from conditions such as alopecia and hypothyroidism as well as from chemical processing and pregnancy. This hair loss should not be overlooked or disregarded, and should be recognized for the impact it has on self-esteem and psychological well-being.

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