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Eat This, Not That for Healthy Hair

We’re all on the hunt for healthy hair and diet plays a huge role in creating and maintaining our luscious locks. In fact, eating the right foods can help keep your hair looking shiny, strong and beautiful.

Here are a few foods to eat that can help you achieve healthy hair, and a few foods to stay away from!


Fatty fish like salmon, as well as sardines and mackerel, are chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids. Our bodies can’t produce these fats on their own, so we must consume them through diet and supplements. So, eat up some fish like these to give your hair shine and a healthy body.

However, too much animal protein can have the adverse effect. A balanced diet of plant-based and animal protein will do just the trick. Moderation is key!

Almond Butter

Almond butter contains tons of nutrients such as protein, healthy fats and vitamins like Vitamin E which has been linked to hair growth. Indulge in almond butter as a substitute when you’re craving sweets which in excess could cause hair loss.

Green Juice/Smoothies

Drinking green juices and smoothies with ingredients like spinach, guavas and Greek yogurt will nurture the health of your hair because of their high level of nutrients. Spinach is chock full of magnesium, omega-3, potassium, calcium and iron; guavas have been linked to hair growth; and Greek yogurt is rich in vitamin B5 which helps the blood flow to your scalp. Sip on drinks with these ingredients and cut out alcohol as it can interfere with how your body metabolizes zinc which is important for hair health!

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