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Does Hair Loss Increase During the Summer?

You may have heard the Old Wives’ Tale from your grandma that people lose more of their hair during the summer months, and sure enough, it appears to be true. According to InStyle, you may lose more hair during the summer months – especially during July.

Summer Hair LossAlthough everyone experiences some slight hair shedding day to day, the extra loss you might notice during the summer is due to a higher rate of telogen. Telogen – the resting phase for the hair follicle – makes hair more prone to falling out. In fact, research suggests that this phenomenon occurs for women more frequently in July – most likely due to the extreme weather and heat.

Even though this surprising fact can be slightly alarming, it’s important to note that seasonal hair loss is completely normal and nothing to fret about. Although you may lose more hair during the summer, this cycle also promotes hair regrowth.

If you do notice severe thinning or balding in a specific area – no matter the time of year – you should visit a doctor or hair replacement specialist for a consultation, notes the InStyle article. This means that if hair seems to be particularly thin or if hair is falling out predominantly in a specific region, such as along the temples or at the crown of the head.

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