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3 Warning Signs That You’re Going Bald

Male pattern baldness is a hair loss condition that affects over two-thirds of men. Here are a few common warning signs that will help you identify if you’re experiencing the early stages of balding. Heed that hairline The most common place for balding to take shape is in the hairline. Uneven, horseshoe-patterned hairlines are a… Read more »

Five Myths About Hair Loss that Men Shouldn’t Believe

Throughout the years, a lot of misinformation has been shared regarding hair loss and solutions. Since hair loss affects many men at some point in their lives, we wanted to share some of these myths and why they’re nothing to worry about! 1. The sun will increase your hair loss Being outdoors in the sun… Read more »

Three Types of Alopecia that Cause Hair Loss

Alopecia is an autoimmune skin disease which affects millions of people and causes hair loss, which can be resolved with treatment. It affects both men and women, with cases occurring more frequently in men, and these cases can either be permanent or short-lived. There are several different medical conditions of Alopecia, but here we will… Read more »

It’s In the Genes: Hundreds of Genes Affect Hair Loss

Did you know that male pattern baldness or hair loss is largely dictated by our genes? It doesn’t have anything to do with stress, frequency of hat-wearing or sun damage, contrary to popular myths. In a new report, NBC News says that recent studies have identified more than 280 genes that are indeed involved in… Read more »

Virtual Reality Hair Replacement Option for Men

Women aren’t the only ones who can become self-conscious because of hair loss. Here at Hair Replacement by Janet, we provide hair replacement services for both women and men, and are interested in helping you find the best possible look and solution.   Whether it’s because of natural, genetic hair loss or because of illness,… Read more »