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Hair Loss and Chemotherapy: What to Expect

As a common side effect of chemotherapy, hair loss is never easy to endure. However, knowing what to expect during treatment can help smooth the transition into and out of hair loss caused by chemotherapy. How chemotherapy affects your hair Cancer treatments like chemotherapy aim to quickly destroy rapidly dividing cancer cells or delay their… Read more »

How to Prevent Those Pesky Split Ends

We all know the feeling—no matter how much you condition, hair mask and avoid heat-styling, your hair still has split ends that you can’t seem to shake. When your tresses are thirsty, the ends can split and damage your hair, and no remedy besides cutting them off will help. However, there are a few ways… Read more »

Why Your Hair Care Should Change with the Seasons

There is a reason we don’t wear heavy winter coats during the summer or go sledding in the spring: each season brings different types of weather, wardrobes, and activities. Just as you switch up other aspects of your routine during distinct seasons, your hair care should also change, as the weather affects your hair differently…. Read more »

Understanding the Difference Between Dandruff and a Dry Scalp

If you are experiencing an itchy scalp or have noticed flakes falling from your hair, the culprit could either be dandruff or dry skin. Though very similar, these two conditions differ in their causes, prevention, and treatments. What causes dandruff? On the most basic level, too much oil on the scalp causes dandruff. One condition… Read more »

Eat This, Not That for Healthy Hair

We’re all on the hunt for healthy hair and diet plays a huge role in creating and maintaining our luscious locks. In fact, eating the right foods can help keep your hair looking shiny, strong and beautiful. Here are a few foods to eat that can help you achieve healthy hair, and a few foods… Read more »

Environmental Factors that May be Causing Your Hair to Fall Out

Most people who struggle from hair loss may feel desperate to find the cause. While many assume that hair loss is mostly genetic, environmental factors could also be playing a vital role. Pollution For those who live in particularly polluted cities, the quality of your air may be contributing to your hair loss. The University… Read more »

What is Your Hair Trying to Tell You?

It may sound crazy, but it’s important to listen to what your hair is trying to tell you. Your hair health can reflect issues in your diet, grooming routine, protein levels, and more! Here are some of the most common signs you’ll receive from your hair: An increased amount of split ends or cracking curls… Read more »

Five Myths About Hair Loss that Men Shouldn’t Believe

Throughout the years, a lot of misinformation has been shared regarding hair loss and solutions. Since hair loss affects many men at some point in their lives, we wanted to share some of these myths and why they’re nothing to worry about! 1. The sun will increase your hair loss Being outdoors in the sun… Read more »

Three Types of Alopecia that Cause Hair Loss

Alopecia is an autoimmune skin disease which affects millions of people and causes hair loss, which can be resolved with treatment. It affects both men and women, with cases occurring more frequently in men, and these cases can either be permanent or short-lived. There are several different medical conditions of Alopecia, but here we will… Read more »

Caring for Your Hair as You Age

Your hair can change throughout your lifetime, and often times, it changes with age.   Getting older can result in your hair looking and behaving differently which means you’ll likely need to care for it differently. Here are some tips on caring for your hair as you age and how you can help to prevent… Read more »