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Caring for the Hair Beneath your Wig

senior woman blow drying her hairThere is definitely no longer a stigma surrounding the wearing of wigs. As a matter of fact, everyday fashionistas and celebrities alike are sporting new styles at each appearance thanks to hair replacement solutions. These solutions also help to boost the self-esteem and lift the spirits of those who may be losing their hair, whether from genetic causes or medical reasons.

But we must remember that for most wig wearers, there is still the natural growth of their own hair underneath – and this natural hair needs to remain healthy. Though hair loss solutions are stylish, we still need to tend to the hair and scalp underneath if we are going to make them a part of our beauty routines.

Here are a few simple ways to keep the hair underneath your wig in check; looking healthy and vibrant:

Choose a quality hair piece that breathes

There are all kinds of hair replacement solutions on the market today; from real hair to synthetic, in natural colors to every hue beyond the rainbow. These pieces also come with varying price tags. It’s important to purchase a quality option, especially if you wear yours often. A high quality wig will have a breathable cap, allowing air to reach your own hair and scalp.

Make sure your hair is completely dry before sporting your hair solution

Never wash your hair and immediately tuck it under a hair cap. Though it may seem time-saving, it’s not worth the trouble of possible fungus and mildew issues, or the awful smells that could arise from tossing wet hair underneath a wig. Take the time to allow your natural hair to air out and dry completely.

Don’t pack your natural hair with products

It’s important to moisturize and condition your hair; but don’t overdo it. Too much of any hair product can cause buildup on your scalp and follicles, and this is not good for wig wearers, because now you have all that “gunk” trapped underneath your wig cap. Simply make sure your hair is clean, conditioned and dry before donning your hair replacement solution for the day.

Regardless of if you wear your hair replacement solution daily or only on occasion, remember that you must take care of the locks you were given as well! For more information on hair replacement solutions and to schedule an appointment, contact Hair Replacement by Janet at 650-592-3691 today!

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