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Cancer Hair Loss Treatment Options

Hair loss from cancer treatment options like chemotherapy can be a devastating experience. The stress of the disease compiled with having to deal with the loss of hair is a unique and difficult circumstance. We understand how hard this process can be and are here to help.

Chemo Hair Loss Options in Palo Alto, CA

Your privacy and comfort are our top priority. We offer a one-on-one, fully confidential, private consulting service to help you understand the best options for your treatment. Feeling good about yourself is an important piece in your fight against such a terrible disease. We understand first-hand the emotional toll cancer can take. Janet has experienced the pains of cancer treatment and is here to help make you feel comfortable and confident.

Everyone is unique and we know that. It’s how we built the foundation of our approach. Our priority is to make sure you understand all of your options and help you find the perfect solution tailored for you. We’re here to at least take one worry off of your plate – your confidence when it comes to your hair loss. Call us today and let us make sure that your unique look, beauty, and confidence are a few things chemotherapy can’t take away from you.