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Be Aware: Fall Season is Popular for Hair Loss

With fall settling in and winter getting closer, you might have noticed an increase in your hair loss lately and you’re not alone.

For many women, hair loss increases during the fall season and it is especially important to manage it during cooler months.

Don’t Start to Panic

If you’re washing your hair in the shower or brushing it out afterwards, you might notice a disturbing phenomenon: your hair is falling out in large. Don’t panic! The average person loses 50-100 strands of hair a day and often times, we don’t notice. However, if you are seeing a large increase in the amount of hair you’re losing, it is important to act on it and seek professional help.

You’re Not Alone

While initial studies did implicate patterns associated with seasonal hair loss, there was a lack of global data. However, in recent years, Google has pulled data from around the globe confirming these implications. From South Africa to the United States, Google documented an increase in hair loss related searches during fall and summer months.

Find a Solution

If you are suffering from seasonal hair loss, don’t be afraid to look for a solution to the problem. If you are experiencing significant hair loss, you should make it a priority to talk with a physician first confirm that it is simply seasonal hair loss and not a serious medical issue. If you want to a solution, you can seek out a salon that specializes in hair replacement.

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