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Meet Our Team

Hair Replacement Systems By JanetWe opened the shop in April of 1994. It just seemed to take off from the very beginning. And I can only think it was because of a hundred different reasons. If I had to narrow it down I would say…. It’s just Janet.. It’s her personality, her knowledge, her unique sense of design, her wit and humor, her eye for what works and what doesn’t, her amazing talent, her caring, personnal and confidential touch… It’s quite amazing the way she works with clients, the connection she makes. She completes the total package. Janet. An awesome product. Service and maintenance second to none..

We don’t sell our pieces over the internet and here’s why. It’s a custom hair system. It’s not a wig. It’s not a rug, not a toupee. We don’t sell wigs. We don’t sell rugs nor do we sell toupees. We don’t even like those words…. This is 2015.. Hair Replacement has come out of the dark ages…

There are many considerations in buying a custom hair system. For one thing, the way it fits…Important when you are walking in the Financial District of San Francisco on a windy day or diving for that tough shot on the raquetball court. Color management and blending. Maintaining the proper curl configuration. Cutting and shaping to blend in with your own natural hair. All this is really important stuff, but so often overlooked. It is also an art that requires an expert experienced eye. Janet has 25 years of hands on experience in the care and nurturing of your system. We build hair systems. But we also build something more important. We build an image and we build what we can only call an emotion. Emotion is important to us. Emotion means creative energy between us and our clients. That’s when great, artistic things happen. That’s when it flows. That’s when the love happens. What gives us the most satisfaction is knowing that we have helped our clients to look really good. More important to know that we have helped them feel really good about themselves. And that’s something you will never find buying a wig over the internet. If you want a wig, buy it online. If you want an image and emotion, come see us. We are located in San Carlos, just outside of San Mateo.