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A New Look for the New Year

There are many years in our lives that are filled with challenges, with some of those challenges incredibly life changing. A devastating illness is difficult enough to face, but when that illness brings on a change that is highly noticeable – such as hair loss – it can be even harder to face.

Hair loss, particularly for women is a hard condition to deal with no matter how it occurs. Women are revered for their long flowing locks from childhood, and even in fairytales like Rapunzel. Whether hair loss is caused by chemotherapy, alopecia or any of the myriad other causes of hair loss, when women experience dramatic hair loss it can have a devastating during an already stressful and trying time.

With the new year now upon us, it’s the perfect time to explore a new look that can rejuvenate our image and make solving these problems a priority. If you are going through any of these changes or struggling with hair loss, there are a variety of ways to love and appreciate your own beauty once again by choosing a hair replacement solution that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Follea Wigs and Hair PiecesWigs and Hair Pieces by Follea

A quality hair piece can be the perfect choice for those experiencing a partial loss of hair. Our Follea line offers specialized hair pieces for those dealing with alopecia and other forms of female baldness. Follea products are created from 100 percent human hair, with options that range from full wigs to hair pieces that will augment the thickness and length of your own hair. Follea’s wigs and hair pieces come in a wide range of colors, styles and cap sizes to give you the best fit possible and the most natural look.

The Cyberhair Private Issue Wig

Instead of choosing a hair piece or wig that brings back your original style, a Private Issue wig can give you a whole new look for 2016. Cyberhair’s Private Issue line provides a way for you to wear a hair replacement piece that is designed specifically for your personal style and hair loss needs. When choosing your design, take into consideration the things you love to do like your favorite outdoor activities and what type of personality you desire to show the world. Private Issue’s line dares you to become the you that you’ve always wanted to be.

The Benefits of Virtuesse

If your hair loss is a result of alopecia or chemical imbalance, you may want to choose an option that not only helps you to find your own beauty and style again, but one that can also give you answers. Virtuesse helps women to feel naturally beautiful again after dealing with hair loss. A free scalp evaluation can give you an assessment on how much hair is being lost yearly. This information is important because it can help in the decision-making process as you choose a solution that works best for you. Virtuesse offers a hair replacement system that can transform you by changing your appearance instantly in a dramatic way.

A hair replacement system is a gift to yourself for the new year that can offer you a new outlook on life. When dealing with life’s challenges, it is healing to look in the mirror and witness a transformation. Let it be your decision in 2016 to choose the gift of beauty, change and revitalization for the upcoming year.

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