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4 Common Hair Loss Questions You Need Answered

Affecting people of all backgrounds and hair types, hair loss seems to take away your luscious locks and leave you with many looming questions.

Find answers to your four most pressing hair loss questions below!

1. How much hair do men and women lose on average?

Hair loss is normal to a point; everyone loses hair on a daily basis. On average, women lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair per day while men lose about 25 to 50 strands.

You will likely see your hair shed in the shower or notice some left-behind strands in your comb or brush. If you start losing larger clumps of hair or see your hair is thinning on parts of your head, this could be a sign of a larger hair loss issue.

2. What causes abnormal hair loss?

If you think you are experiencing more hair loss than what is considered normal, your next question is likely, “why is this happening?”

The most common reason your hair falls out is due to genetics; both male and female pattern baldness are hereditary conditions that cause hair loss.

However, other factors that contribute to hair loss include diet and stress, as well as hormonal changes. Some medications can also cause hair loss as a side effect. Tight hairstyles prove another potential culprit of hair loss.

3. Will my hair grow back?

Whether or not your hair will grow back depends on the root cause of the hair loss.

If you experience hair loss due to medications or illness, your hair will likely grow back after you complete the medication or treat the illness. This type of hair loss is usually temporary.

However, with hair loss due to genetics, you will likely need professional intervention to find a solution that helps to regrow or hide the lost hair with a custom hair system.

4. Can I increase my hair growth rate?

When you experience hair loss, you likely want your hair to grow back as quickly as possible. However, there is not too much you can do to alter the rate at which your hair grows.

There are over-the-counter products you can use to help your body reach its full rate of growth. These products give your hair nutrients that encourage it to grow, such as biotin and zinc. However, your actual rate of growth does not truly change.

Hair loss can be a difficult process, but there are solutions that exist to help you boldly face your condition. Tackle hair loss with a custom hair system from Hair Replacement by Janet for unique designs that give you the new look you desire. Give us a call at 650-592-3691 to request a private consultation!

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