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Things to Avoid if You Have Hair Loss

Hair loss is a challenge that many women face, and many women resort to extreme measures in an attempt to manage that hair loss. While there are plenty of hair replacement options on the market, there are certain things that you can avoid doing in order to avoid further hair loss. Hair Replacement By Janet… Read more »

Hair by Diet: Minerals to Encourage Healthy Hair Growth

Now that we’ve covered the vitamins you should be adding to your diet to promote healthy hair growth, let’s take a look at the important minerals to keep in your diet to help your hair stay full and healthy. Iron According to Bustle, iron makes the cells that produce your hair work hard by encouraging… Read more »

Hair by Diet: Vitamins to Encourage Healthy Hair Growth

When we were kids, our parents told us to eat our vegetables because they’d make us grow big and strong. The same is still true with your diet as an adult, although adjusting what you eat can also help to encourage healthy hair growth at any age. If you’ve noticed your hair thinning recently, you… Read more »

It’s In the Genes: Hundreds of Genes Affect Hair Loss

Did you know that male pattern baldness or hair loss is largely dictated by our genes? It doesn’t have anything to do with stress, frequency of hat-wearing or sun damage, contrary to popular myths. In a new report, NBC News says that recent studies have identified more than 280 genes that are indeed involved in… Read more »

Hormones and Hair: How an Imbalance Could Cause Thinning Hair

Women know that dealing with hormone fluctuations that cause mood swings is far from fun. Unfortunately, as we get older, these hormone changes can also start to negatively affect other parts of the body, including hair growth. According to Women’s Health Magazine, hormonal hair loss is caused by a medical hormonal imbalance, which can occur… Read more »

Emotional Stress and Hair Loss – A Vicious Cycle

When you think of hair loss, do you imagine a man or a woman? Though usually thought to be a male disease, about 40 percent of women actually have visible hair loss by the time they are 40, according to WebMD. Regardless of gender, hair loss can be devastating for self-image and emotional well-being. Appearances… Read more »

Hair Loss Increases in Autumn and Winter?

Although everyone experiences natural hair loss, some notice more extreme loss than others – especially during the change to a colder season. We discussed previously that summer can be a reason for some people to see a hair loss increase, but for others, the onset of autumn can bring more shedding than the spring or… Read more »

Five Hair Loss Warning Signs and How to Treat Them

At Hair by Janet, we know how important your hair is to you, and we know that sometimes your long luscious locks might be at risk, and a variety of common conditions could be early warning signs that you should pay attention to. Let’s explore some of the most common hair issues that people face…. Read more »

46 Million – Hair Loss by the Numbers

What would you trade to improve your hair? Going out to eat? Coffee? Would you go even further? In honor of August being recognized as National Hair Loss Awareness Month, a recent consumer survey revealed women would give up luxuries such as going out to eat, chocolate, shopping, coffee and even sex if it meant… Read more »